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   Dr. Dhanya C. Radhakrishnana, B. A. M. S.  

   - Vice Principal

   Qualified in Ayurvedic Medicine from Rajiv Gandhi University, Karnataka.



She hails from a family of traditional healers & astrologists. Trained by well known traditional medical practitioners in Ayurveda, She found herself well established in clinical practice in a short time.

Having an agile intellect she drew herself to Ayurvedic Academics & Quickly become a popular teacher. She has vast experience in teaching fundamentals, clinics, therapies and specialized subject areas in Ayurveda. She nurses an active interest in the beneficial and therapeutic role of traditional Ayurveda in Pediatric Medicine.

She also under took training for Marma chikithsa from Thirumoolar Varmalogy Institute. Having profound knowledge on various aspect of Beauty care, she is also endorsing herself in beauty training programs for ayurvedic students. She imbibes the principles of Pulse in various diagnosing protocols